The difference between a chauffeur driven car and a taxi

Feb 20, 2018

A simple answer can be seen when considering the impression you wish to make. Imagine that you have an important guest flying into the country, which would they be more impressed by: “We’ll book a taxi to pick you up at the airport” or “Our personal chauffeur will be at the airport to bring you directly to our offices”. Therefore, the real difference comes down to that impression you make when you or your guest step out of a chauffeur-driven car or a taxi. Ultimately, passengers are more likely to reach their destination in a more positive frame of mind, than after the hustle and bustle of a taxi journey.
More than simply a business service

Using the services of a chauffeur driven car does make a business statement; but away from that work environment, many people wish simply to transform an event into a truly personal and special celebration for a family member or special individual. Arranging elegant car hire with a professional driver is such a great choice for many such personal or private occasions from weddings, and special family gatherings, to celebration dinners, when attending high profile events, or for an airport journey to start or end an unforgettable vacation. It can also be an amazing way to organise sightseeing or shopping tours as a special gift for dear friends or a deal-clincher for important clients.

Why so many clients prefer chauffeur car hire with driver packages?

Such a service will aim to tailor a specific package for each client and occasion, matching the service offered to the impression they wish to convey. However, high among the features that such clients appreciate is the level of intimate privacy a chauffeur driven car offers. Members of an immaculately suited and booted team of experienced drivers will have learned how to show empathy towards each passenger’s needs and to create an ambience that is truly appreciated. They also have the level of driving experience and location knowledge to transport your precious guests in complete safety and gentle comfort.

Of course, a high-end choice of immaculately presented vehicles should be every bit as impressive as those driving them. Service providers will also appreciate the importance of punctuality, at both ends of a journey, when an impression is to be made. For example, at London Chauffeur, we actively monitor the flight status when meeting important arrivals at any London area airport. Other perks of the in-vehicle luxury service that chauffeured experiences provide should include iPhone chargers, free wifi, complimentary water bottle, magazines, music if requested and champagne on demand. As this is London, our vehicles always carry umbrellas too!

Adding that extra important touch

Highly experienced drivers are happy to offer the level of personal support that those they transport ask for. This is especially important where individuals may be elderly or more require support to ensure their comfort when entering or leaving the vehicle. For those who enjoy a more touristic vibe during their trip, they can also use their driver’s area knowledge for guidance on travel planning, location and on important places of interest throughout the journey.

At the start of this post we asked about the difference between a personal car hire with driver and anonymous public taxi experience. So which would best deliver the impression you wish to make?