Impress your guests when they come to your meeting in London

Nov 09, 2017

There’s still no better way to conduct business than face-to-face. Even in a world of conference calls and video messaging, many companies still aim for an in-person meeting whenever there’s an opportunity to do so. These types of meetings – while extremely beneficial – are a little trickier to pull off. In particular, they rely on a high level of organisation, superb efficiency and amazing hosting skills to make them a success. If you’ll soon be welcoming guests to your meeting in London, you’ll surely want to impress them right out of the gate. This step-by-step guide offers you some of the best pointers to ensure your visitors are extremely happy with your efforts.

Think about travel

London boasts a network of tubes, trains, buses and taxis. But will these really create the best first impression for your guests? The capital’s transport system can be dangerous, inefficient and perplexing to its own residents – never mind those visiting from out of town. The only surefire way to ensure that your guests enjoy those precious first minutes of the business trip is to hire a professional chauffeur. This driver – who can provide pick-ups from airports or train stations – will guarantee that your visitors are given a first-class service from the moment they arrive in the capital. In addition, you can be rest assured that they’ll be able to travel quickly and safety around London.


Closely consider accommodation

Sadly it’s not quite as easy as choosing a five star hotel for your guests to stay in for the duration of their stay. Instead, you’ll only be doing your job as a PA or EA to the best of your ability if you consider the bigger picture. For instance, the accommodation should be in an area where guests feel safe enough to pop outside and explore the capital. It should also be close to restaurants and bars in case they want to enjoy the perks of staying in London. Meanwhile, there’s not necessarily any need for the accommodation to be in close proximity to the location of the meeting. After all, you can simply provide a professional chauffeur who will make sure that they’re picked up and taken to the meeting on time and in style.

Always be available

The presence of a professional chauffer should go some length to ensuring that your guests constantly feel in safe hands before, during and after the meeting in London. However, you should still make every effort to stay in contact with your visitors as often as you can. This doesn’t mean that you should be calling them around the clock and verging on becoming overbearing. Instead, it means you should keep them well-informed about all the arrangements with emails, texts and the odd call. You should also let them know that you are the point of contact should they require any further help or assistance.

Plan for after the meeting

Guests shouldn’t have to fend for themselves after the meeting. Instead, you should uphold the same level of organisation by arranging a more casual and relaxed gathering afterwards. During this time – where it’s still possible to strengthen the business relationship – food and drink should be laid on. It’s also advisable that there’s a chauffeur arranged to take guests to either their hotel or to the airport. Essentially, you’ll still be providing a quality experience all the way up until the final moments.

Be proud of what you offer

It would be a shame for a meeting to go badly because you cut corners and fell short of providing an impeccable experience. To guarantee this doesn’t happen, closely follow this step-by-step guide. In particular, take advantage of the many benefits that come from relying on a professional chauffeur.