Tips for booking your corporate car service in London

Apr 18, 2018

Business organisations needing a corporate car service in London will find the following tips helpful when arranging their luxury chauffeur London service. It makes sense for established businesses to use chauffeured services, as they convey the professional image that’s expected by busy executives. Here are some tips for booking your corporate car services

corporate car service

Setup a corporate account
You can set up an account with some chauffeur services and this provides discounts off your regular bookings and helps make the service even more affordable for a variety of business purposes.

Time of pick up
When you book your corporate car service, your booking schedule should include full journey details. It will help ensure all business clients reach destinations on schedule. When you make your booking any amendments to times due to possible delays or traffic snarl ups will be discussed fully and your smartly dressed chauffeur will arrive to collect the client at the pre-arranged time.

Time of drop off
Again, giving full details of anticipated drop off times helps the corporate car service booking administrator ensure that sufficient time is allowed to complete the journey in comfort.

Provide locations with complete postcodes
Giving location postcodes in advance means that trip planning can be carried out prior to any chauffeured journeys to ensure that all timings are achievable and the client can picked up and dropped off without any problem. Our drivers utilise SatNav throughout trips, so full postcodes enable chauffeurs to take advantage of any alternative routes, in the events of major traffic hold ups.

Mobile number for the passenger, just in case there are any unforeseen delays
It’s wise to provide passenger mobile phone details, just in case any major hold ups do occur. Additionally, when passengers are on road trips or sightseeing excursions, drivers may need to get in touch in the event that the passenger is not waiting at pick up points.

corporate car service

The amount of waiting time to be expected
Chauffeurs are entirely at your disposal throughout bookings, however, it’s important to advise of likely waiting times between drop offs and pick ups, so this can be factored into corporate car service costs and to prevent drivers needing to call up passengers and perhaps disturb them in business meetings.

Any special requests
The chauffeur will endeavour to meet any passenger special requests for trips, these might include preferred routes for trips or a preference for silence during journeys. Don’t hesitate to bring any special requests to the attention of the booking administrator at the time of booking.

Passenger preference for vehicle and mode of travel
Wherever possible corporate car service providers try to meet passenger requests for vehicle type and any special instructions regarding the style of travel required.

corporate car service

Discounts for early booking
If you make your booking early, you will find it possible to save even more money on your journeys as the chauffeur service can make all arrangements for the journeys in advance.

Luxury chauffeured services are provided by smartly dressed drivers, with a courteous and polite attitude which respects the privacy of clients. Vehicles are provided with on board entertainment and may also include phone chargers and wifi. We offer exclusive chauffeured services using our range of luxurious black Mercedes S Class, V Class, E class and BMW 7 series vehicles, to convey the professional image required by our executive business clients. London Chauffeur Service provides a corporate car service that’s perfect for businesses in and around the capital. Contact us for more details.