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Impress your guests when they come to your meeting in London

Nov 09, 2017

There’s still no better way to conduct business than face-to-face. Even in a world of conference calls and video messaging, many companies still aim for an in-person meeting whenever there’s an opportunity to do so. These types of meetings – wh.. Read More >>

London Chauffeur welcomes Alexandra Ambrosio to London today

Sep 18, 2017

Today, 18 September 2017, supermodel Alexandra Ambrosio has landed at London Heathrow Airport to join the event London Fashion Week experience with CIROC Vodka. London Chauffeur has welcomed Alexandra and the world's fashion bloggers to attend the sp.. Read More >>

Chauffeur for corporate events: What you need to know

Aug 07, 2017

Nothing shows you mean serious business like hiring a corporate chauffeur service to serve, collect and impress your business contacts. Whether you’re organising a corporate meeting, networking opportunity or business-focused event, a business chau.. Read More >>